"Those who have never been owned by a sporting dog have missed one of life's greatest pleasures" C.E Metz


My dedication, compassion for dogs and my love of the great outdoors is what sets me apart as a gun dog trainer. My years of experience and education with canine training ultimately bring me back to one primary principle:  understand canine behavior.  Our inclination is to project human qualities onto our canine friends, but by doing so, we rob the dog of its own inherent nature!  If we hold to this primary principle and strive to understand our hunting companions, no matter  which breed, then they can be taught—through body language, gesture, and voice command—to be a part of our hunting “pack”—the team player nature intended them to be!

Like you, your dog is unique. Therefore allow me to tailor a program to start your pup, school your started dog, or tune up your finished gun dog.

Puppy Development  $650     

A one month program that will get your pup off to the right start. Introduction to the gun and lots of bird contact will generate enthusiasm for the game.


If you decide to enroll your dog for training this fee will be applied towards your first month.

Intermediate to Advanced Training  $850 per month
 (2-4 months is optimal to have your dog ready for the hunting season)
  • goals: (upland) heel, whoa, stop on point, hold point (steady) to flush, steady to wing, retrieve on command, backing.
  • goals: (waterfowl): steady in blind, retrieve on water, duck search

Because every dog is different, some will come along faster than others.  training will be customized to achieve your goals in the most efficient way.

Private Instruction   $40 per hour
  • By appointment only

Conditioned Retrieve  $750 per month

  • Is your dog playing keep away with game or only interested in finding game but not picking it up after the shot? I can teach them to retrieve to hand.

 Group Lessons

  • Throughout the year I will offer group lessons for one or two consecutive days.
  • The class size is limited to ten persons with or without a dog.